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          How many keys fit into my K-Box?

          As much as you can carry, 3– 6 inside the housing and an unlimited number on the outside loop of K-Box.

          Which keys does K-Box actually hold?

          The premise is the typical hole in the middle. The maximum length of the key is 5.8cm (2.3 inches) and the minimum width is 0.25cm (0.1 inches).

          How can I customise my K-Box?

          You have the possibility to engrave a name, a citation, or anything you have in mind.

          How can I advertise with K-Box?

          If you want to give a nice present to your customers or suppliers, K-Box has a special service for companies. You can engrave your logo on K-Boxes (at least 20 items). For more info, see our Promotional Product page.